Debugging the Language Barrier

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Impressive Translator’s Application Email

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Honestly, I am really impressed with this freelance translator's application. It does…

  • get straight to the point
  • utilize the available whitespace
  • not contain any typos whatsoever
  • show a distraction-free layout

Freelance application image

True dedication

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We love clients that truly show dedication in supporting us so they will receive a decently localized bunch of app resources. BusyMac was even so kind to write a dedicated crash dialog for us to identify issues. And not without adding a little humo(u)r on the button side…

Copy and paste to make me readable

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Notification Center alerted me that an update could not be installed automatically. I assume the reason is that the app the update is for was purchased from another country's App Store using another account.

After clicking on the notificaton this is what made me inhale the sip of coffee i was unfortunately trying to drink at that very moment…

The Agony of Choice

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Even though most of you don't speak Russian or read cyrillic letters, you will certainly spot what's gone wrong here: