Wordcrafts acquires Localization Suite

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We are proud to announce the acquisition of the Localization Suite, a powerful suite of three tools for localizing the resources of OS X and iOS applications.

Felix Bartz, Wordcrafts founder, states: "We have been using the Localization Suite for many years now in daily business and it has proven to be a more than solid foundation for localization of app content. We’d like to thank Max Seelemann for those many years of close cooperation and support in getting the suite fit for our purposes."

Both parties agreed it was time for a change: Wordcrafts are eager to move the Localization Suite to the next level. Max Seelemann is currently more than fully engaged in running The Soulmen, makers of the famous writing app Ulysses III and is therefore not able to invest into the development time required to maintain and update the Localization Suite.

Wordcrafts will from now on take over the task of developing the Localization Suite for internal purposes.

"The current development state will remain online for free download on the www.loc-suite.org website for a certain time period, and we will try to support existing users as much as we can", Oliver Gurtschmann, second founder of Wordcrafts, adds. "Our main focus however will be the internal evolution of the Localization Suite to meet our future demands for providing high-quality app localizations."

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