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We are the OS X and iOS Language Experts

Icon für We localize. Apps.<br />
For OS X and iOS.

We localize. Apps.
For OS X and iOS.

We’ll teach your app how to speak to users in up to 27 languages. And be assured: we certainly know how to get app localization right – Wordcrafts is here since the birth of the very first iPhone SDK.

Icon für We test. On-device. <br />
To Perfection.

We test. On-device.
To Perfection.

Our service always includes a final review of your app on our testing devices – without additional charge – to polish up your app and make it shine bright in any local App Store.

Icon für We translate. Texts.<br />
For your Apps.

We translate. Texts.
For your Apps.

Marketing texts, keywords, websites, press releases, documentation – anything that comes along with your app and helps foreign users fall in love with it. And yes, we can translate your iBooks too!

Icon für We copywrite.<br />
Your message.

We copywrite.
Your message.

We can even help you get your message across to your audience. The Wordcrafts copywriters would love to get a drill on your texts to maximize their impact. In the end, we are the text nerds, aren’t we?

Icon für We speak Accessibility. <br />
Your app should, too!

We speak Accessibility.
Your app should, too!

Foreign disabled users will certainly love you once you decide to go the extra mile called “Accessibility”! We know how to deal with accessibility strings and how to handle all the funny little habits of VoiceOver.

Icon für We raise our Voice.<br />
In your Videos.

We raise our Voice.
In your Videos.

You’ve got spoken audio in your app? A short teaser or tutorial video on your website? Wordcrafts offers professional voice recording into many languages in a variety of vocal colors.

Our Language Portfolio






Portuguese - Brazil


Portuguese - Europe

Simplified Chinese

How it works? Easy as 1-2-3... well, and 4


Send us your resources

Send over the resources you would like to have localized, either using our Project Planner, or via email, and we’ll get back to you with a quote quickly. Ideally let us know what languages you are interested in or whether you need advice on your language choice. At this stage we’ll also address potential issues we have found by skimming your resources and will communicate a delivery date.

Send us your resources-Icon
Let us do the Magic-Icon

Let us do the Magic

Upon confirmation, we’ll barricade ourselves with plenty of productivity fluid – aka coffee – and get to work. Make sure to send over a recent build of your app as well. We love playing with apps to identify areas of intensive care. Be prepared to hear from us during this stage. We will most likely have demand for further details on certain strings.


Testing - with a capital T

Once we’re finished localizing your strings, we’ll request a new build with the localizations integrated. Our QA detectives will then meticulously search for anything that can be optimized – out-of-context translations, text clippings, etc. – until we can rest assured to have delivered ready-for-sale material to you.

Testing - with a capital T-Icon
Return to Step 1 for Updates-Icon

Return to Step 1 for Updates

All the above applies equally for any updates you have – with one exception: we’ll obviously only charge for new or changed strings. Anything that has been translated before, will remain untouched and uncharged for.