Just a Bunch of Language Nerds?

We – Felix, Olli, Lou, Rana and Weiwei – are a dedicated team of graduated linguists and translators from very different backgrounds. And since every industry has its nerds, we consider us to be nerds on language and localization.

For us being a nerd means paying attention to even minute details, the obsession with doing a job to perfection rather than settling with mediocre outcomes, and of course finding the right tools that make your work efforts as well as ours as quick and comfortable as possible.


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Project Manager


Project Manager


CFO & Founder


CTO & Founder

There are many ways to skin a cat

We embrace diversity. Both in people and the way we work. Everybody is different. Everybody works differently and everybody prefers a certain way of doing things. We respect that and will never force you into “our” way of having strings translated.

Together we will find the perfect workflow that fits into your daily routine just as much as it does in ours. And we are sure both our team and our selection of tools will greatly contribute to a positive outcome here.


Oh and don’t worry, no cats were ever harmed by us and we intend to keep it that way.

Our translators

There are literally millions of translators out there. And since anybody can call themselves a translator, it can be particularly hard to find true professionals who fit into the job requirements perfectly.

From the very beginning of Wordcrafts we were interested in finding only the best translators out there. So we had to _hunt down_ other professional language nerds who are just as crazy about the Mac and iOS as we are. As you can imagine, this wasn’t as easy a task as it might sound in the first place. Translation traditionally is a very Windows-focussed industry, and since we didn’t want to hire any random translator, we left no stone unturned to find professionals who were the perfect fit for our team. And we are proud to introduce some of them to you right here: